Compass Rose Metal Wall Art

Nautical compass rose free-form metal wall art Sculpture collection by Superior IRON-ARTz.
Manufacturer: Superior IRON-ARTz LLC

56 inch Compass Rose metal wall art

The standard colors pictured are a small example of colors available.  A wide variety of color options are available.  For colors not pictured please provide details on your color choice in the detail box provided.

Sizes are approximate depending on letter placement and font variations.  We also offer custom design options for special projects to accomodate our customer's individual design needs.  We've provided a box below if you have a special request that is not currently in the product options such as special mounting requirements for your specific application.  If there is a price difference we will contact you while we prepare your product for manufacturing.


  • Mounting hardware not included for 40 inch and under models.  Blind keyhole mounts on the back of the compass rose are provided for quick and easy hanging.
  • For custom design requests additional charges may apply.
Compass Rose Metal Wall Art
Compass Rose Metal Wall Art
A few notes to keep in mind when you receive your large unassembled Compass Rose Wall Art. We recommend two people to hang this to avoid damage and to make it easy to mount. It is designed to be light-weight so that you don't have any problems related to weight when mounting.


1.  First we've provided bolts that have not been painted. If you wish to paint them to match use an appropriate Rustoleum paint to match the color.

2.  The easiest way to install your compass rose will be to take the N mounting bracket and find the top location where you want to mount your compass rose. You can measure from the top of the N down to see where the bottom will end up.

3.  Mark the bolt location at the top of the keyholes on each side of the N mounting bracket to locate the anchor bolts provided on the mounting surface.

4.  Drill a pilot hole in the mounting surface slightly smaller in thickness than the provided lag bolts and put the lag bolts in the holes leaving enough room to slide the N onto the bolts.

5.  Take the mostly assembled compass rose and place the bolts for the N bracket temporarily in the main body of the compass and slide these into the now mounted N mounting bracket.

6.  Mark the other 6 mounting keyholes NEAR the top of the keyhole. It isn't necessary for them to be AT the top of the hole. This will allow you to make adjustments up or down to align all of the parts properly.

7.  Tighten all of the lag bolts down once you are satisfied with the position of the compass rose.

8.  Your compass rose wall art decor is now installed.
Heavy Duty Aluminum Compass Rose Metal Wall Art
Heavy Duty Compass Rose Metal Wall Art
Heavy duty 1/4" thick Aluminum Compass Rose Wall Art. This compass rose is made for outdoor use and is made from heavy duty aluminum for extra thick look. This one ships free! Choice of any color. Size is 22" x 24" height. Blind mount hangers built in to back of compass rose.
Picture of Plastic Compass Rose Metal Wall Art
Plastic Compass Rose Metal Wall Art
Plastic 1/4" thick Compass Rose Wall Art. This compass rose is made for both indoor and outdoor use and is made from heavy duty plastic for extended life outdoors. This one ships free! Choice of any color. Size is 22" x 24" height.
Products specifications
12" x 11" Compass Rose Circle Size 8"
18" x 17" Compass Rose Circle Size 12 1/2"
24" x 22" Compass Rose Circle Size 16 3/4"
32" x 29" Compass Rose Circle Size 22 1/4"
36" x 33" Compass Rose Circle Size 25"
40" x 38" Compass Rose Circle Size 27 3/4"
48" x 44" Compass Rose Circle Size 33 1/2"
56" x 52" Compass Rose Circle Size 36"
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